About Us


A vision is an inspiring picture of a preferred future. It is not time-bound and serves as a foundation for all policy development and planning, including strategic planning. In delivering on its purpose discussed above, LEDA sets for itself the following vision:

 “To lead economic growth through industrial diversification”


“To provide an integrated platform for the full implementation of economic development activities leading to accelerated industrialisation in Limpopo, through a focus on stimulating and diversifying the industrial base.

Its primary task is to drive policy implementation through high-impact, catalytic growth projects that will result in inclusive economic development and accelerate and sustain the growth of the provincial economy; so as to create productive and sustainable employment.”

The mission outlines the role of the Limpopo Economic Development Agency as the policy implementing arm of the province and LEDET, as follows:

1)     To provide business intelligence and research and development towards innovative solutions – use scientific impact assessment tools and approaches to develop scenarios and business intelligence, monitor and evaluate the impact of projects, provide capacity support in areas of development – such as economic development research. Be a first point of call in terms of business and market intelligence;

2)     To conceptualise economic programmes and drivers – unpacking policy directives, understanding what is unique to the region and will stimulate growth. Supporting integrated region-wide planning on economic development and investment planning and promotion.  Understand the provincial value proposition and its comparative global competitiveness;

3)     To identify and package development opportunities and leverage partnerships – to develop bankable business and/or project plans to best attract and leverage private sector and other partnerships and investment into targeted projects, to frame government’s involvement and exit / handover strategy and approach for identified projects and programmes. To optimise and leverage on what other partners are doing in the space;

4)     To support Local Economic Development capabilities – where LED is by definition localised, to provide a regional view and supportive framework to LED in terms of how they might integrate with, and benefit from, a regional focus and strategic framework, and to identify and leverage opportunities for collaboration;

5)     To customise support for priority economic sectors and sub-sectors – understand the value chain of the sectors targeted for support – then clearly target support towards industrialisation and the growth of labour intensive industries.  Focus only on sectors that will most likely demonstrate impact and be consistent in terms of growth and development.  Understand the unique selling proposition of Limpopo.  Drive the global competitiveness of Limpopo – understand the global value chain;

6)     To coordinate and manage the implementation of strategic infrastructure and economic interventions – to act as a “Centre of Excellence” providing capacity, capability and competence in  project and programme management, project planning, project oversight and the management of development interventions; and

7)     To facilitate trade and investment – sourcing and facilitating funding for investment projects within the province; support business expansion and retention; support and drive Enterprise Development and attracting new industries to the province.

The LEDA Value system

Values identify the principles for the conduct of the institution in carrying out its mission.  In working towards the achievement of its vision and mission, LEDA subscribes to the following internal values which are in line with the Batho-Pele principles:

Leadership  LEDA will: Listen to stakeholder needs and seek to create new and continuously improving approaches to what they do; and will focus on cutting edge, best in class and “outside the box” approaches.Emphasise and seek to exercise the skills of personal leadership and emotional intelligence.Seek to benchmark itself against the best in class and actively pursue world-class standards of service delivery.
Equitable  Actively work with care, empathy, respect and consideration for the well-being of staff, customers and stakeholders; and will maintain a safe and healthy work environment, will promote care and concern for assets and facilities; and will focus on people development, growth and work / life balance.Focus on the benefits of teamwork and working together with other stakeholders to achieve more; and in so doing promote an environment of sharing knowledge and information.
Delivery-focused  Commit themselves to building a culture of high performance and focus on rendering the quickest, most responsive and best service to stakeholders and customers.Demonstrate a focus on customer service and satisfaction and acting in the best interests of the Province and its people.
Accountable Take accountability for their actions and “do it right the first time”; act with integrity and in a transparent, ethical and honest manner; and work with pride, passion and discipline.Be sensitive to the footprint of their activities on the environment, and will seek to work in a manner that supports and enhances environmentally sustainable business practices and approaches.