1.Customer Service

As service driven institution, LEDA regards customer service as the hallmark of its brand aspiration. We aim to exceed customer satisfaction and expectations in order to change the face of business development in South Africa.

LEDA adheres to the batho pele principles which underpins our approach to doing business on a daily basis. We have built an information technology infrastructure for the employees to do their work with ease, to assist clients at their earliest convenience. This includes the allocation of information technology gargets to operational staff for effective service delivery

Our value system entrenches the culture of ubuntu principles which means treating people humanly at all times.

Our Customer Relations Management system endeavours to make business information accessible to business communities in through feedback mechanisms such as: stakeholder engagement, newsletters, information booklets, and national and community radio mediums.

2.Service at Your Doorstep

LEDA established LEDA branches and regional offices bring services at the doorstep of business communities across the five districts of Limpopo Province. Business activities and development takes place at a local municipality and LEDA continues to collaborate with all municipalities based on the common needs of communities. These district and local municipalities have unique economic strength and compitative strength based on the predominat economic growth sectors of the province.