"To implement ethical culture, change management and monitor conduct. The Corporate Services Division (CSD), comprised four departments and provides support services to the entire organisation. With a total headcount of 626 spread across the LEDA offices at both head office and regions, corporate services is the lifeblood of the organisation from a strategic point of view."

The Administration and Facilities Management department provides support services to the organisation in terms of security, cleaning & gardening, building leasing, vehicle licensing and maintenance. The department also provides management of outsourced and in-house security to the entire organisation.

The HR department provides provisioning of human resources in line with the organisational structure to support strategy, manage human resources policy and proper administration of personnel management. It facilitates and regulates the employer-employee relationship to create a harmonious working environment.
The Legal Services department provides support on legal matters pertaining to contracts entered into by LEDA and / or its subsidiaries, provides for interpretation of law and applications, mostly to Great North Transport, Limpopo Connexion, Corridor Mining resources and Risima Housing Finance. Where the organisation gets summons and litigations, it is this department that determinations how LEDA or any of the affected subsidiaries should respond or deal with the matter.
The Marketing and Communications department provides corporate marketing and communication services to the entire LEDA group including subsidiaries. As a developmental oriented institution, LEDA communicates developmentally focused messages and programs and it is through this department that it is able to disseminate those messages across various media platforms such as radio, print and electronic media, as well as social and digital media.