Risima Housing Finance Corporation

Risima Housing Finance Corporation (Pty) Ltd was originally known as Gazankulu Finance Company (Pty) Ltd, established in April 2000. Risima is a wholly owned subsidiary of LEDA, it falls under Schedule 3D of the Public Finance Management Act 1 of 1999 (PFMA) as a provincial public entity, established by Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism in terms of the Limpopo Development Corporation Act 5 of 1994 (LDCA).

Risima was established for the purpose of giving effect to Section 3 (1) of the LDCA which requires LEDA amongst others, to provide housing in Limpopo. Risima has been created to respond to the need to create access to home loan finance to all residents of Limpopo, irrespective of where they live, in so doing: assist LEDA to achieve its objective of job creation and empowerment in Limpopo through housing construction, in support of the Provincial Employment, Growth and Development Plan.

Key focus areas are to:

  • To provide access to home loan finance and property development finance to residents of the province in both rural and urban areas;
  • To create shareholder value and facilitate employment creation and economic growth; and
  • Ensure the economic, social and environmental sustainability of Risima.

Product Portfolio (Finance Categories)

  • Residential building constructions – allows clients to build a house of their choice.
  • Purchasing of existing residential houses: clients buy existing houses either from owners, developers or through estate agencies.
  • Purchasing of sites: allows clients to purchase vacant sites with a view that they will build in the near future.
  • Extensions and renovations: assist clients to improve their houses.
  • Switch bonds: entails taking over a bond from another financial institution.
  • Installation of solar water heating systems: assist our existing clients who want to switch to energy efficient systems.
  • Additional loan: Clients who have equity on their properties can apply for additional loans.
  • Access bond: – available to clients who pay more than the required instalment on their home loans. Clients can apply for the funds they have paid in advance as and when they need it.


Lebowakgomo – Head Office:

Mr. ZW Mthethwa, Tel: (015) 633 4732    , Fax: (015) 633 6876    

Mr RX Machabi, Tel: (015) 633 4700    , Fax: (015) 633 6876   

Polokwane: Regional Office:

Mr. MG Mamabolo, Tel: (015) 295 5120    , Fax: (015) 295 5127   

Ritavi: Regional Office

Mr. CV Mkansi, Tel: (015) 303 1731   , Fax: (015) 303 1740   

Thohoyandou: Regional Office

Mr. RS Manuga, Tel: (015) 962 4900     , Fax: (015) 962 1298