The Limpopo Economic Development Agency (LEDA) is
established in terms of the Limpopo Development
Corporation Act, Act No.5 of 1994, as amended.
It complies with the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA)
as a Schedule 3D Agency.
It was established as a special economic and development vehicle, culminating in the amalgamation of four agencies; namely:

  • Trade and Investment Limpopo
  • Limpopo Business Support Agency
  • Limpopo Agribusiness Development Corporation
  • Limpopo Economic Development Enterprise


A leader in sustainable innovative economic growth and development.


To accelerate economic growth, development and job creation through:

  • Industrialisation;
  • Promotion and facilitation of trade, investment and finance;
  • Creation and support of sustainable enterprises; and
  • Continual innovation.

Strategic Goals

  • Accelerated industrial diversification through strategic economic development initiatives
  • Sustainable enterprises in targeted sectors of the economy
  • Increased trade and investment in Limpopo
  • Public accountability; sound corporate governance and sustainable resource utilisation


  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Diversity
Core Functions:Industrialisation
Special Economic Zones (SEZ) & Corridor Development
Property and Infrastructure
Development (Commercial and Industrial 640 000 square metres) Agri-business DevelopmentInformation, Knowledge and Programme Management
– Programme Management Office
– Research & Development
– Information Technology

Enterprise Development and Finance
– Financial Support
– Business Support
– Training and Development
– Strong focus on Cooperative
– Development and Support

Trade and Investment Promotion

– Growth Sectors
– Investment Promotion (FDI and Local)
– Export Promotion and Development
– Project Facilitation and Venture Capital

Subsidiary Companies
– Great North Transport
– Risima Flousing Finance Corporation
– Corridor Mining Resources ( plus 9 Sub – Subsidiaries)
– Venteco & Mununzu Tea Estates/ Mashashane Hatchery

Associate Companies
– ASA Metals
– OK Bazaars (Venda)
– Attaclav
– Bopedi Shopping Centre
– AON Limpopo
– Mokopane Mall